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A Letter from Hopeprint Executive Director

We sat in a circle in the small apartment that was their new home - an established Iraqi family, a newly arrived resettling refugee family and myself. The newly arrived mother and father sat to my left, their adult children quietly to the side observing the exchange. As is often the case, the conversation started with the events that had brought them to this new land. Mother looked off in the distance with the all too familiar look of loss, sharing how her two sons had been killed a few years back by a bomb in Baghdad. Father, who quite fortunately knows excellent English, had navigated a good deal of things already in their twenty days in country, but there was so much more to be done.  

Zubaidah, Ashraf and their children, who have been in the U.S. several years, had met the family in the community and brought me to meet them. Having themselves been a part of the Hopeprint Family for years, they welcomed them to be a part of it. “Living on Lilac Street changed my life,” Zubaidah reflected in an often-expressed sentiment. “I met people that have become my dearest friends. My children love to be there. Nicole and Hopeprint, they are my family.” 

I sat in this living room watching a woman who herself had wrestled hard with this new nation, culture and language, but had done incredible things to pursue a thriving life for her and her family. I thought of the dozens of Syrian families that she had been collecting furniture for, assisting with translation, aiding with winter coats and more this year. I watched her glowing as she had yet another opportunity to coach a newly arriving family on how to not simply survive but thrive. It was the embodiment of this journey towards thriving - wrestling with the struggles life will always have with a perspective of hope and love. 

This fall, Hopeprint celebrated six years since our birth, and I marked my eighth year personally working in this community. It has been an unparalleled year of excitement, struggle, opportunity, witnessing dreams becoming reality and knowing we are in the right place at the right time. We are deeply grateful for the partnership of many like you who have formed the building blocks that have brought us to this place, and whose faithfulness allows the vision to continually take form. 

As we look ahead at 2017, we are excited to pursue the following three key objectives as an organization, above and beyond our weekly programming: 

  • Strengthen our organizational infrastructure to ensure a solid foundation
  • Build a collaborative continuum-of-care system coordinating relationships and information, helping us to excel in our role as spaces of empowering relationships and resource brokers
  • Research and development for four potential multiplication cities throughout the nation

As 2016 comes to a close, we invite you to continue to be a part of transforming our community from a place of scarcity to one of hope. Thank you for your part in empowering our new neighbors with the imagination of possibility, and reaching towards our full potential individually and collectively. You are changing lives.


Nicole Watts

Founder/Executive Director, Hopeprint, Inc.


Our Hopeprint Budget for 2017 is set at $191,000, including the continuation of our current programs, strengthening of our leadership level staffing, provision of more specialized trainings and opportunities, new collaborative projects and more.

Leader Level Staff

Our fantastic growth has precipitated the need to bring our Department Directors on as part-time staff.  

Steps to Thrive

Our Steps to Thrive mentorship program provides special learning workshops and matching of mentors for mutual learning. The Hope Fund has funds for barriers encountered, training needed, etc. 

Program Sponsorships

Nightlife Sponsorship

Nightlife is a fun and welcoming environment for kids ages preK-6th grade filled with crafts, games, activities and love. [Sponsorship: $125/week*]


iCAN is a holistic tutoring program for English as a New Language learners in elementary and middle school, focused on literacy, social and emotional needs. [Sponsorship: $250/session per student*]

Teen Mentorship

Hopeprint offers three teen mentor programs based on grade level, seeking to foster growth in social/emotional needs, character and leadership development. [Sponsorship: $250/session/ student*]

Field Trips

In an effort to inspire the imagination and give opportunity for new experiences, we like to take our Hopeprint family members on field trips beyond the neighborhood and city. [Sponsorship: $500-1500/trip*]

Adult Groups

English conversation groups, relational and cultural literacy workshops offer opportunities for adults to learn the language and navigate life in the U.S.[Sponsorship: Average of $175/week*]

Stock Donation

In partnership with NBT Bank, Hopeprint is now able to accept donations of stocks. If you would like to donate in this manner, please contact us to be connected to our financial team facilitating such donations.


Each year we have some special giving opportunities available for individuals and businesses. Some include the chance for your business to be highlighted in various public forums as being socially-minded and invested in the community. Opportunities to publicly honor a loved one are also available. 

Apprenticeship Sponsors

Hopeprint’s apprentices are crucial to Hopeprint’s day-to-day operations, serving as the Assistant Directors of our Adult Initiatives, and Kids & Youth Departments. Under the coaching of department directors, apprentices practice the trade of not-for-profit management, gaining practical experience, a wealth of learning and more.

Apprenticeship Program Sponsor: $6K/yr/ person

Covers the room & board for an apprentice, as well as learning opportunities such as a 3-credit graduate course, conference(s) and/or additional learning. 

Apprentice Employer: 20 hr/wk part-time position

Seeking employers within the Syracuse City limits who would be willing to employ our apprentices for 20 hours/week

Culture Gala Sponsors

Our annual Culture Gala is a celebration of the sights, sounds, tastes and more of the myriad of cultures that now call Syracuse home. In order to maximize the investment in our mission and programs, we seek business sponsors to underwrite the event costs. The event date is being finalized now for the early spring of 2017.

Main Event Sponsor (1): $6,000

Have your business prominently featured as the primary event sponsor on all event promotional and night-of materials

Cultural Cuisine Sponsorships (5): $2,500

Underwrite the cost of a particular cultural cuisine being served at the event. Includes multiple PR opportunities.

Mortgage Payoff

In the spring of 2016, Hopeprint was able to secure a third house on Lilac Street to house long-term team members in a more sustainable environment, and have adequate administrative space. The house was purchased with a mortgage, which is Hopeprint’s only current liability. We would love to eliminate this liability by paying off our mortgage. Please contact us if interested in assisting with this. 

Mortgage Payoff Amount: $56,298

If you wish for more information on how to underwrite these particular costs, contact us. Note: Actual costs noted are approximate as actual varies between weeks and sessions.*

To donate by credit card, click on the Donate button above.

To donate by check, make payable to Hopeprint, Inc and mail to P.O. Box 11664; Syracuse, NY 13218.