Collaborative Neighborhood Activation

Our value of collaborative neighborhood activation is Hopeprint’s newest venture. It’s focus is that the people who currently call Syracuse’s Northside home, and the New American communities that we continue to welcome, would be able to truly PROSPER IN PLACE. Be watching in 2019 as Hopeprint unveils various new initiatives and programs to activate our neighborhood in way that empowers without displacement. Check out some of the areas we will be focusing on as a part of this initiative.

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30 Block Micro-Neighborhood Focus

We have big dreams, but we know we need to start right in our literal backyard. For our 2019-2020 efforts, Hopeprint has identified a 30-block micro-neighborhood where we are focusing our collaborative neighborhood activation work: Kirkpatrick Street / Park Street / E Division Street / N Salina Street in 13208.

The NExT (Neighborhoods Equity eXchange and Transformation) efforts focused on micro-neighborhood will start with neighborhood asset mapping, community listening and other engagement efforts, from which we will work together to build a collaborative plan both in the micro-neighborhood and with partners working beyond it.

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Neighborhood Beautification & Pride

What the eye sees sends powerful messages to any one of us. We believe that the streets and parks that make up the landscape of a family’s life make a profound impact on our sense of pride and perceived dignity.

To that end, Hopeprint will be collaborating with others in 2019-2020 to update and repair the strategically located Karibu Community Garden, and participate in public arts and neighborhood beautification projects.

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Social Enterprise(s) and Workers Cooperative(s)

For neighborhood residents and families to be truly empowered, we must activate the business corridors in such a way that provides employment opportunities that meet the unique needs of neighborhood residents, and facilitate ownership of and by the people.

In 2019-2020, Hopeprint will be working with community partners to start social enterprise(s) and workers cooperative(s) which provide on-ramps to employment which connect to career pathways and resident ownership.

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Ownership by-and-for Current Residents

The nation over tells a repeating story of what too often happens when resources move into a low-to-moderate income neighborhood: displacement. Hopeprint is passionate about access to resources which are done with and towards the flourishing of the current neighborhood residents.

In an effort to empower current residents to have equity in neighborhood empowerment and hopefully ultimate flourishing, Hopeprint will be collaborating with others in 2019 & 2020 toward current residents accessing ownership of property and other resources, to meaningfully participate in the possibilities before us.

Northside Urban Partnerships Steering Committee

A key partner/set of partners in these efforts are the members of the Northside Urban Partnerships Steering Committee is an out growth of the work of Centerstate CEO’s Economic Inclusion division, seeking to bring about collaboration and resourcing for community prosperity efforts in Syracuse’s Northside. Hopeprint’s Executive Director sits on the steering committee, and the organization participates in collaborative projects and initiatives together with the other steering committee member organizations:

  • Centerstate CEO - Economic Inclusion

  • St. Joseph’s Hospital


  • Hopeprint

  • Northeast Community Center

  • Interfaith Works of CNY

  • North Side Learning Center

  • City of Syracuse - Neighborhood and Economic Development

  • YWCA

  • Assumption Church

  • Lerner’s Center at Syracuse University

  • Housing Visions