Agnes was in elementary school when the war came to her city. 

Chaos struck, sending an established city filled with people running for their lives, businesses, homes and all left behind. Hundreds of miles of walking, crossing borders and fearing for their lives, Agnes and thousands of others were forced to set up a new home in a land that was not their own... as refugees relegated to a refugee camp. "The people in the camp cannot dream of a future because there is nothing before them," Agnes reflects upon her time in the camp, a life most of her family still lives. 

As her adulthood approached, Agnes longed for a future with education and opportunity. Fighting the odds, she led three of her sisters and son through the complicated resettlement process, being given the unusual opportunity to be granted a new home in the United States, landing in Syracuse, NY in the fall of 2010, the same month as Hopeprint opened it's doors.

As one of the first five residents of the first Hopeprint Home, she sat at many dinner tables filled with the foreign tongue of English, learning by immersion and going on to earn her associates degree and continue pursuing her bachelors degree in Accounting.  


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