The Hopeprint National Team

Hopeprint's vision is that there would be a presence or partner in every U.S. refugee resettlement city which seek to empower resettled refugees to thrive. In order to facilitate this vision, we are transitioning this year to have a national team bringing missional guidance, coaching and support. The national team seeks to maximize the ownership, impact and opportunities of the heart of our work - the ground level with our local teams. 


Nicole Watts, Founder/Executive Director


National Board of Directors

Eric Ennis, Chairman

Barton Pipes, Chairman Emeritus

Nicholas Shires, Treasurer

Mark Haun, Board Member

Sarah Hammersma, Board Member

Steven Marshall, Legal Counsel

Multiplication Committee

As a part of our 2017 Strategic Objectives, Hopeprint is building a team to facilitate the selection, training and overall process required to multiply our efforts in the 100+ cities that resettle refugees. It is our goal to have at least one additional site by the end of 2017. Committee Members TBA.