Hopeprint Internships

Hopeprint Interns are required to be high school graduates, enrolled in college and/or 19+ yrs old. Assistant Internships are offered on special occasion to highly recommended high school students.

Hopeprint's Internship Programs provide hands-on opportunities for emerging leaders who wish to work in a multicultural context with an intentionally embedded, kindred posture. Gain experience in program design, implementation and volunteer management. Each of our internships are a total of 320 hours (Summer, approximately 40 hrs/wk for 8 wks / Schoolyear, approximately 10 hrs/wk for 32 wks). Note: For internships programs requiring a higher number of hours, additional responsibilities are assigned.

Each internship includes different skill-building and opportunities. In the department where interns are leading, they are responsible to plan, coordinate and implement the programs and initiatives under their supervision. This includes cross-cultural relationship building, curriculum implementation, and volunteer management. Interns both participate on and lead teams, giving opportunities to build synergistic efforts in the Hopeprint community and learn from one another.

We are interviewing now for the following internships at our Syracuse, NY locations:

2017-18 School Year Interns

Her Village Program Coordinator: Maggie Wright

iCAN Kids Program Coordinator, Salt City: Rishma Vora

Youth Programs & Homework Help Coordinator: ** OPEN **


Summer 2018 Intern Opportunities

Note: All Summer Interns have the same schedule of 9:00am-9:00pm Mondays-Thursdays from June 18 - August 17, 2018 // Position Commitment: 40 hrs/wk

Summer Kids Club Coordinator(s)

Kids Clubs are Hopeprint's holistic learn-through-play programs seeking to empower elementary aged students academically, socially, emotionally and physically. The Summer Kids Club Coordinator(s) are provided with the base club curriculum, and are responsible for the preparation of materials, management of volunteers, communication with site leaders and oversight of the program overall.

Youth Mentorship Program Coordinator(s)

Hopeprint's Youth Mentorship programs seek to empower students in 4th-12th grade with the social/emotional, leadership and citizenship skills to thrive personally and be change makers in their community. There are three programs: Force (4th-6th grade), eXchange (7th & 8th) and Global Citizens Cohort (9th-12th). The Youth Mentorship Program Coordinator(s) will be given base curriculum for our three youth mentorship programs and will be responsible for the preparation of materials, management of volunteers, communication with site leaders and oversight of the programs overall. 

Adult Programs Coordinator

Hopeprint's Adult Programs seek to empower adults and parents to thrive personally, and foster the same thriving for their families. The programs that are slated to be offered this summer for our adults are Her Village (a women's group), Steps to Thrive Workshops and Labs, English Conversation Groups, Citizenship Prep and other specialized work. The Adult Programs Coordinator will be given the base curriculum for each of these programs and will be responsible for the preparation of materials, management of volunteers, communication with site leaders and oversight of the programs overall. 

Community Navigator

At Hopeprint, we know that ongoing, invested relationships are crucial to our mutual thriving. In order to foster a more robust presence in the lives of our families, Hopeprint will be partnering with a number of other organizations this year to offer resources and more to our families. A role that is crucial to this is that of the Community Navigator who will be given a handful of families that would be responsible to facilitate their achieving of the following goals through connection to resources, mutual mentorship, life coaching and more: 

  • Ability to access a healthy diet on a weekly basis
  • A home that is financially and logistically stable and sustainable 
  • A minimum of one week's supply of weather-appropriate clothing for each family member, and access to clean appropriately
  • Healthcare coverage secured and primary care physician known to the family
  • Households have a reliable income stream(s) through the best viable employment or other resources 
  • Sense of physical safety and stability in their home, workplace and school
  • Each family member feels a sense of connection to others, and participates in non-required gatherings
  • Each family member is increasingly confident in social situations, such as grocery stores, etc.
  • Teen/adults take opportunities to give back to organizations, neighborhood and community
  • Enrolled students are succeeding at school, including passing all of their courses 
  • Improved English literacy demonstrated by each family member each year
  • Teen/adult family members are able to articulate their dreams and goals
  • The family has order and beauty in their life, home or personal spaces

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