Hopeprint Internships

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At Hopeprint, we are proud to offer a robust internship experience for students who choose to do official placement or experience builder internships with us! All of our internships are unpaid, but based on our decade of experience, it is invaluable experience.

In order to offer the best possible experience for interns, we have official positions that are held by interns regularly. These positions are listed below, as well as the application to apply for one of these life-changing roles!

Kids & Youth Programs Coordinator(s)

Hopeprint offers a variety of programs for children and students of all ages. As an intern in the Kids & Youth department, interns will be assigned a program (or group of programs) they lead during their tenure. This includes volunteer management, curriculum implementation, case management and more.

students studying the following are encouraged to apply:

  • Primary or secondary Education, especially Special Needs or ENL focus

  • Early childhood Education

  • Social Work

  • Public Health

  • International relations

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Hospitality Coordinator(s)

Hospitality is at the heart of Hopeprint’s posture in our work, so having a team member who helps to facilitate the food & beverage elements of our gathering, as well as foster a space of welcome, is key to our mission. Interns will work with various food donors, cooks and more to prepare and serve meals for hopeprint programs.

students studying the following are encouraged to apply:

  • Hospitality management

  • Nutrition and Food Sciences

  • Culinary Arts

  • Food Service Management

** Drivers License in good standing preferred, company vehicle available **


Social Media Specialist

Hopeprint is full of stories to be celebrated, lessons to be shared and opportunities to engage. the social media specialist is responsible to gather up these stories, research in the field and populate hopeprint’s various social media platforms to engage our community and the public.

students studying the following are encouraged to apply:

  • Information Technologies

  • Communications

  • Broadcast & Digital Journalism

  • Public Relations

** Dual degree students in IT and communications or related degrees will be given preference **

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Donor Relations Coordinator

As a 501c3 organization, Hopeprint is dependent on the generosity of donors, private foundations and creative, mission-related social enterprise. The donor relations coordinator will work with the development committee and executive director to engage existing and potential donors, including coordination of fundraiser events, leadership of public campaigns and donor appreciation.

students studying the following are encouraged to apply:

  • Public Relations

  • Public Administration

  • Nonprofit Management

  • Business

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Neighborhood Development Initiatives Coordinator

Hopeprint is focused on a 30-block microneighborhood where approximately half of the residents are foreign-born, and 40-60% live below the federal poverty line. We believe there are beautiful assets in this community that untapped and disempowered, and this internship is about changing that story. It includes community engagement, leadership roles in development efforts and season-specific empowerment efforts.

students studying the following are encouraged to apply:

  • Public Health

  • International relations

  • Public Policy / Public Administration

  • Social Work

  • Social Entreprenuership


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All Hopeprint internships are 280 hours, unless more is required by official, external internship programs. These hours break down as follows based on session. * Denotes internships which are 10 hours/week for 25 weeks, plus 40 hours of training ** Denotes internships which are 15 hours/week for 10 weeks, plus 40 hours of training and a special project *** Denotes internships which are 20 hours/week for 14 weeks, including 40 hours of training **** Denotes internships which are 40 hours/week for 7 weeks, including 40 hours of training
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Once you have completed the application, press submit to send it to one of our team members. We will be in touch with you within two weeks of its receipt to gather more information and/or schedule a phone interview. The application process is open until we have filled the positions which takes place as soon as excellent candidates are identified. We encourage you to apply sooner than later as positions are already being filled now for next year. We look forward to talking with you!