KCK Cathedral Neighborhood

Kansas City, Kansas


Kansas City’s Cathedral Neighborhood…

is the primary resettlement neighborhood for refugees who have been resettled in Kansas City on the Kansas State side of the river over the past decade. Thanks to a robust network of families, this community has welcomed primarily Bhutanese Nepali and various tribes from Burma, moving in alongside of a predominately Latino community and generational descendants of European immigrants.

The two primary business corridors in the neighborhood are bustling with grocers and other mostly local businesses that focus on the immediate residents as customers. Stop by Central Ave to find the line out the door for some of the best Latino food around, and grocery with a ceiling covered in pinatas for your next party. Need Nepali groceries, drive up a few blocks to Minnesota Ave and find the flavors of the homeland.

Hopeprint’s neighborhood presence and programs currently operate out of the private family home of the Pierce family, who moved into the neighborhood several years ago to open up their homes and lives to the New American community. This home is located right in the heart of the Cathedral neighborhood.