Kindred Campaign 2018

October 1 - November 16, 2018


Activating our network to unify community rich in culture and connectedness by hosting and/or participating in events, initiatives and efforts this fall


Hopeprint is a family, and we know that our family are the best embodiment of this vision we pursue. Consider yourself activated.

In our neighborhood, nation and globe today, our extended human family is disconnected, uprooted and battling. Yet, every man, woman and child bleeds red, cries tears, laughs and loves. This autumn is your chance to practice remembrance of this crucial truth: We are kindred.

So how do you participate? It’s simple!

1. Gather your team (one to four adults)
2. Come up with your idea (event or initiative) 
3. Select two ideal dates for the event 
4. Submit team idea to the campaign organizers online (see link below)
5. Once given the green light, knock it out the park and have a great time!

Don’t want to do something public, but would like to invite your friends and neighbors over for a dinner party, game night or drinks ‘cigars? That’s a part of it too! Just mark the registration form as a ‘Private Event.’

Baby U.jpeg

Maybe you'll even win a prize...

Just to put a little more fun in it for all of us, and remind us what we're striving for, teams will compete for the following awards (with prizes for the winners):

  • Most People Engaged

  • Most Money Raised

  • Best Embodiment of our Goal: Unifying Community Rich in Culture and Connectedness

  • Best #MyHopeprint: Utilizing your skills and/or creativity to spread the word and engage your network in the most wholehearted and impactful way