We are kindred...

The Human Family. This month, we practice remembrance of this truth, learn and recollect the stories of our brothers, sisters, aunties and uncles who reside on every corner of our globe, most especially the displaced. We declare that we see you, child whose homeland can no longer be home, who lives on the run or in the limbo of refugee camps. We hear you, mother who weeps for the dreams she fears will never come true. We join you in solidarity of voice and story, reminded that your story is part of our own.

Less than 1% of the world's refugees are given the opportunity to resettle in nations like the U.S., and we believe it is our responsibility and joy to welcome, befriend and walk alongside of them. It is our vision that every refugee resettled in the U.S. will have the opportunity to thrive, and will one day be able to change the story of the 99% who still live in perilous conditions of refugee camps, ravages of war, slavery and poverty. One life at a time.

JOIN US. Register a Kindred Campaign Team  today!

A kindred campaign team is a group of individuals teaming together to raise awareness and resources to empower resettled refugees to thrive. All you have to do is:

  1. Put together a group that will make up your team (up to 4 adult members, schools can include all students participating)
  2. Register your team (below)
  3. Determine what skills and resources you have between you
  4. Identify your network of friends and colleagues collectively 
  5. Figure out a creative way to engage your network using the skills and resources you have amongst your team
  6. Do it! 

Teams will compete with one another for the following three prizes to be rewarded at the January culminating party:

Most People Engaged

Most Creative Idea

Most Money Raised

Let's be a voice that echoes across this city and nation that WE ARE KINDRED, inciting participation in a transformative story until every man, woman and child can thrive.