When Hopeprint speaks of the "Lilac Street Neighborhood," where do they mean?

  • All of Lilac St
  • 100-200 blocks of Mary St
  • 100-200 blocks of Pond St
  • 1700-2000 blocks of Lodi St
  • 1000-1100 blocks of Townsend St
  • All of Catawba St

When Hopeprint speaks of our "Hopeprint Family," who do they mean?

  • Resettled refugees who are a part of the Hopeprint network through active participation in program and/or mentorship, past or present
  • Program participants from any of the neighborhoods where Hopeprint has a "Hopeprint Home" (see Lilac Street Neighborhood)
  • Volunteers who are actively engaged in the programming and/or mission of Hopeprint

When Hopeprint speaks of "Friends of Hopeprint," who do they mean? Donors, advocates and connected parties to Hopeprint who are not actively involved in our direct programming.