The Hopeprint Team

At Hopeprint, we are all family and each member has our part to play. The following are some of the key people who help foster an environment of hospitality, alongside of our incredible team of 100+ volunteers that bring our vision to life.

Our Staff and Apprentices

Nicole Watts, Founder/Executive Director

Nicole began working in the community in 2008, moved into the neighborhood and started Hopeprint in 2010. Her ongoing residence in the neighborhood and years of investment provide ongoing learning towards leading this mission as a whole.

Alaa Amer.JPG

Alaa Amer, Assistant Executive Director

Alaa most recently worked for the UNHCR in Cairo, serving families as they fled as refugees. He now works on this side of the refugee resettlement journey with our Adult & Family and Operations Departments.

Starts March 18, 2019

Jes Sudol, Director of Kids & Youth

Jes’ background in Elementary Education and day job is as a Promise Zone Specialist at Solvay Elementary School are excellent assets to leading our Kids & Youth Department.


Michelle Mahoney, Steps to Thrive Manager

Michelle started with Hopeprint as an apprentice after college and AmeriCorps, and continues today as our Steps to Thrive Manager. Her day job with OnPoint for College and years in the neighborhood make her an excellent connector for families pursuing a thriving life.


Ayaan Ismaail, Hopeprint Tea Company Supervisor

Ayaan’s refugee journey from Somalia brought her to be resettled in Syracuse over five years ago, where she became a U.S. citizen in 2018. Her personal experience and learned knowledge guide her work with other families seeking to do the same.


Bella Corieri, Her Village Manager (Apprentice)

Upon graduating Syracuse University, Bella took a gap year, apprenticing with Hopeprint’s Adult & Family Department. Her pursuit of graduate studies in the season ahead have a beautiful foundation to build on thanks to her role here.


Livesay Boggus, Volunteer Manager

Livesay joined Hopeprint upon graduating from Florida State, starting as an apprentice in 2017-18. Her love for the work, day job as a substitute teacher in SCSD and more equip her to invest in and connect our 100+ weekly volunteers and dozens of special project volunteers.

Anna Aombe.jpg

Anna Aombe, Office Manager

Anna and her siblings were resettled from the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2010, right as Hopeprint was starting. Years after she was a young teen girl participating in the starting days of Hopeprint, she is now stepping up to lead as Office Manager.

Fido Matadi, Property Manager

Fido is a loving husband and father to family who he was forced to leave behind in DR Congo when circumstances called for him to leave. His participation in his Hopeprint family as a resident and Property Manager are a beautiful gift to us.


Sha Lashgari, Youth Programs Manager (Apprentice)

Sha and her family arrived in Syracuse when she was a child as resettled refugees from Iran, making the U.S. their new home. Her passion to pass on what was invested in her in the next generation brought her to serve as an apprentice with Hopeprint this 2019 cohort, and we love having her in our “family.”


Rooted Community

At the heart of our Hopeprint mission are our team members who intentionally share their space and lives with others by living in one of our Hopeprint Homes. This includes most of our team members listed above and those pictured below.

Rose Mazita

Rose fled the DR Congo and found her way to Hopeprint’s Home and hearts years ago. She is one of the Hopeprint Homes’ longest and most beloved residents, serving as big sister and treasured friend to all.

Derek Tefft

Derek started with Hopeprint as an apprentice upon graduating Syracuse University with a masters in Public Health, and his love for the community kept him here. Derek currently leads our GCC program, and invests in the community in a variety of ways, including his day job with MacMahon Ryan Advocacy Center.


Halima Wote

Halima brings the beauty of Ethiopia to our homes and family. After being connected with Hopeprint indirectly for many years, Halima is now officially a part us as a resident and volunteer.