The Hopeprint Team

At Hopeprint, we are all family and each member has our part to play. The following are some of the key people who help foster an environment of hospitality and bring our vision to life.

Our Staff and Apprentices

Nicole Watts, Founder/Executive Director

Jes Sudol, Director of Kids & Youth


Michelle Mahoney, Interim Director of Hopeprint Family


Ayaan Ismaail, Community Navigator


Bella Corieri, Assistant Director of Hopeprint Family (Apprentice)


Livesay Boggus, Director of Operations

Mary Ann LaBeff, Administrative Assistant

Fido Matadi, Property Manager


Rooted Community

At the heart of our Hopeprint mission are our team members who intentionally share their space and lives with others by living in one of our Hopeprint Homes. This includes most of our team members listed above and those pictured below.

Rose Mazita

Derek Tefft

Anna Aombe