The Hopeprint Team

At Hopeprint, we are all family and each member has our part to play. The following are some of the key people who help foster an environment of hospitality and bring our vision to life.

Nicole Watts, Founder/Executive Director 

Stephanie Fox, Director of Community Relations

Jes Sudol, Director of Kids & Youth

Rooted Community

At the heart of our Hopeprint mission are our team members who intentionally share their space and lives with others by living in one of our Hopeprint Homes. This includes the Leadership Team (pictured above), and the following Hopeprint Family Members.

Fido Matadi

Rose Mazita

Melat Aschalew

The Emery Family

Hermans Mwana

Derek Tefft

Rooted Community Members Mel Emery, Michelle Mahoney and Tory Russo pictured below.

Operations Team

The Hopeprint Operations Team manage all systems, spaces and supports for Hopeprint.

Melanie Emery, Operations Manager

Shukuru Sakulira, House Helper

Mary Ann LaBeff, Administrative Assistant

The Hopeprint Family Team

The Hopeprint Family Team informs, trains, cares for and connects those interested in being a part of the Hopeprint Family (volunteers and community members), from intake to ongoing case supervision, including insourcing and outsourcing of resources.

Tricia Davis.jpg

Tricia Davis, Director of Adult Iniatiives

Michelle Mahoney, Hopeprint Family Community Navigator

Rose Cote, Adult Initiatives Program Coordinator

Kids & Youth Team

The Kids & Youth Team coordinates and leads all kids and youth programs focused on literacy, creation of relational spaces and mentorship. 

Tory Russo, Assistant Director of Kids & Youth

Gina Jones, iCAN and Force Program Coordintor

Yara Osman, eXchange Program Coordinator

Chelsey Berwick, Culture Gala Kids & Exhibit Coordinator

Charity Betters.jpg

Charity Betters, Nightlife Program Co-Coordinator

Gillian Riggall, Nightlife Program Co-Coordinator

The Kids & Youth Team is led by Jes Sudol, Director of Kids & Youth, and our teen mentorship program Global Citizens Cohort is led by Derek Tefft and Melat Aschalew pictured above.