Mutual Mentorship

Our value of mutual mentorship builds upon the relationships that are formed through our hospitality spaces. Those who gather and participate there are then invited into mutual mentorship which seeks to walk alongside them on their pathway to a thriving life.

CALENDAR NOTE: Mentorship Programs will resume for the Summer Session July 10, 2017. Steps to Thrive mentor matches may continue meeting during our seasons of presence.

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Steps to Thrive

for adults & families

Steps to Thrive is a mutual mentorship program in which a New American and an American-born are matched up to walk alongside one another in pursuit of selected objectives, Hope Steps, taking steps to thrive. Those who wish to pursue larger goals and dreams are able to join a long term track, the Thrive Pathway.


Post-Resettlement Orientation

Post-Resettlement Orientation a six-week orientation geared for recently resettled refugees who have been in the United States 91 days to one year. It is an overview of everyday life, culture and possibilities within our nation and city. We cover things from laundry to fire safety to college opportunities through lessons, discussion and field trips.

iCAN for Students (for grades K-8)

iCAN is a holistic initiative seeking to come alongside of English as a New Language students in grades K-8 in their academic, social, emotional and physical wellbeing. Each participant will be in a grade and literacy appropriate group of up to five students with a team of mentors to provide tutoring, mentorship and more. iCAN is available for a limited number of students at multiple locations.

NOTE: iCAN only meets during the school year and will resume in September 2017.

Youth Mentorship Programs (for grades 4-12)

Force (grades 4-6)

Force is a growing strengths program for youth grades 4-6 who have demonstrated a desire to be the best they can be.

Each week will include fun, creative activities where we will better understand and live into our growing strengths such as grit, perspective, teamwork and more. 

Application is required - Space is limited

Tuesdays, 5:30-7:30pm

129 Lilac Street, Syracuse

Resumes July 11, 2017

eXchange (grades 7-8)

eXchange is a cultural exchange program for youth grades 7-8 who have demonstrated a desire to participate in their community and make new friends.

Each week will include fun, creative ways to share culture and life together with our Hopeprint family and in partnership with Wellwood Middle School in Fayetteville, NY.

Mondays, 5:30-7:30pm

129 Lilac Street, Syracuse

Resumes July 10, 2017

Global Citizens Cohort (grades 9-12)

A Leadership Program

Global Citizens Cohort is a youth leadership program seeking to cultivate the assets our youth bring to our community and leverage them towards a better community and world.

Participants are active in civic engagement, team building, academic conversation, personal care and leadership development. 

Wednesdays, 5:30-7:30pm

140/142 Lilac Street, Syracuse

Resumes July 12, 2017