Assistant Executive Director

Purpose: Manage Hopeprint Programs and Staff to nurture an empowering, unified community rich in culture and connectedness in our team and gathering spaces.  

Position Type: Full Time

Hours: 40 Hours/Week

Position Scope/ Relationships:  

  • Direct Report to Executive Director

  • Member of the Director Staff Team

  • Direct Supervisor of Operations Department 

  • Direct Supervisor of Adult & Family Department

  • Point Person on all Hopeprint Programming, including Site Leader responsibilities 

  • Office Space Manager

  • Secondary Community Presenter 

  • Special Projects and/or Case Management as assigned by Executive Director

Expected Results of Position: 

  1. A professional, excellent, expert, collaborative staff and volunteer team leading Hopeprint programs and initiatives.

  2. Empowering, unified community rich in culture and connectedness nurtured in our programs, and extending beyond our walls. 

  3. A culturally-integrated, trauma-informed, well-equipped work environment for new social  enterprise start-up, which provides excellent product for customers.

  4. Personally, I will be actively involved in the MVV of the organization, maintain emotional health, and have a plan for job performance improvement. 

Qualifications and Position Requirements  

  • Degree in Not-for-Profit Management, Social Work, Public Health, International Relations, Public Policy or related field strongly preferred 

  • Personal experience navigating refugee resettlement or immigration to the U.S. strongly preferred

  • English fluency required; fluency in at least one additional language preferred

  • Experience working within a multicultural context required

  • Primary Strengths Seeking: Administrative/Basic Business Acumen, Management, Systems, Social Work/Client Services

To apply for this position, e-mail your cover letter and resume to Nicole Watts, Hopeprint Executive Director at by January 13, 2019.


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Hopeprint offers internships each session for enrolled students, and those looking to augment their academic experience. We accept interns from a variety of programs, and offer a hands-on, excellent internship experience.

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