Steps to Thrive

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Taking steps towards a thriving life

New families who enroll in the Steps to Thrive program are welcomed into the Hopeprint family. Steps to Thrive is a strategic, personal goal setting program that works towards individual, familial and community thriving. Participants have special support from program facilitators and managers, gain valuable knowledge in hands-on workshops and more, all while working towards the following thriving goals...

  • Ability to access a healthy diet on a weekly basis

  • A home that is financially and logistically stable and sustainable

  • A minimum of one week's supply of weather-appropriate clothing for each family member, and access to clean appropriately

  • Healthcare coverage secured and primary care physician known to the family

  • Households have a reliable income stream(s) through the best viable employment or other resources

  • Sense of physical safety and stability in their home, workplace and school

  • Each family member feels a sense of connection to others, and participates in non-required gatherings

  • Each family member is increasingly confident in social situations, such as grocery stores, etc.

  • Teen/adults take opportunities to give back to organizations, neighborhood and community

  • Enrolled students are succeeding at school, including passing all of their courses

  • Improved English literacy demonstrated by each family member each year

  • Teen/adult family members are able to articulate their dreams and goals

  • The family has order and beauty in their life, home or personal spaces








Health Care





Workshops continue in Winter 2020 Session