Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering with Hopeprint! We are thrilled with the incredible amount of people who are desiring to invest in our community in this season. It is our hope that the enthusiasm and welcome that is being expressed is felt by our neighbors and friends who have been resettled as refugees.

Due to the high volume of interest, we for the first time in our history are not in need of program volunteers, but have the opportunity to have team members who fill in some important roles that we've dreamed about, but haven't made happen. Below is a listing of what is needed now. If you prefer to volunteer with programs, feel free to check back with us in April for a listing of summer volunteer needs and opportunities. 

Thank you for being a people and community that welcomes our brothers and sisters from around the world!

Nicole Watts, Executive Director, Hopeprint


February - April 2017

Program Welcome Team

Strengthen the First Experience of those arriving at Hopeprint by serving on the program welcome team, guiding newcomers to the proper locations, riding on the van to maximize relational time, and fostering an excellent environment for program attenders, volunteers and the neighbors surrounding us. (Time Commitment: Approximately 2 hours/week)



Donation/ Resource Manager(s)

Come once a week to Lilac Street to sort through donated items, move them from drop off location to resource room, place in appropriate locations and oversee the state of the donation/resource room. Includes the management of the Amazon Wish List for items we want to keep on hand for community members. (Time Commitment: Approximately 1-2 hours/week)

Property Management

Commit to one day a week of overseeing the state of the Hopeprint properties ensuring that lightbulbs are replaced, trash is picked up, walks are shoveled, etc. (Time Commitment: Approximately 2-3 hours/week)



Special Project: Attic Loft Remodel

Do a rough finishing of a loft space to be used as an office for Hopeprint Team members. (Time Commitment: Approximately 5-8 hours)

Special Project: Laundry Cleanup/Buildout

Tidy up a basement space to make a viable laundry room for residents and program needs. Includes painting, sanitizing, washer/dryer installation, basic construction and other miscellaneous needs. (Time Commitment: Approximately 16-20 hours)

Culture Gala Planning Team

Participate on the Culture Gala planning team in one of a variety of capacities including silent auction, ticket sales, decor, exhibits, marketing, etc. (Time Commitment: Approximately 2 hours/week)

Special Project: Resource Room Buildout

Tidy up the loft space being utilized for donation/resource storage to include more shelving, excellent walking spaces, etc. Includes painting, basic construction abilities and organizational skills. (Time Commitment: Approximately 8-12 hours)


April - June 2017

Spring Cleaning & Repair Teams

Assist with a variety of projects for spring cleaning, property preparation and basic outdoor construction. (Time Commitment will vary from project to project; can commit to a few hours every week on weekdays or to a Saturday all-day project)

  • Re-Shingle Garage Roof
  • Feritlize, re-seed and protect grass
  • Cleanup Community Garden Space
  • Prepare Community Garden for planting
  • Build out herb wall gardens
  • House Deep Clean Projects
  • Other Miscellaneous



Regents Exam Study Group Facilitator(s)

Facilitate a study group of high schoolers preparing for a particular Regents Exam this Spring. See subject areas below  (Time Commitment: Approximately 2 hours/week)

  • United States History and Government
  • Global History and Geography
  • English Language Arts (Common Core)
  • Mathematics: Algebra 1, Geometry, and/or Algebra 2 (All Common Core)
  • Earth Science/The Physical Setting
  • Biology/The Living Environment
  • Chemistry/The Physical Setting

Note: We do not know which tests our particular students will be preparing for quite yet, so the details of which study groups we will be offering will be forthcoming.