Syracuse’s Northside Neighborhood

Syracuse, NY

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Syracuse’s Northside Neighborhood…

is the birthplace of Hopeprint’s mission and vision. Our micro-neighborhood of focus is a 30-block portion which is bordered by N Salina St, E Division St, Park St and Kirkpatrick St in the 13208 zip code. Approximately half of the residents who call this neighborhood home are foreign-born. New Americans live side-by-side with those who have lived here generationally, including African Americans whose families migrated north in the Great Migration, and the descendants of various waves of immigrants of generations past.

The micro-neighborhood has three primary business corridors, which our new collective neighborhood activation will be seeking to see thrive: N Salina Street corridor, Pond Street and Lodi Street. On the second floors of many of these businesses and all throughout our micro-neighborhood are residential homes, most of which are rental properties. Our activation efforts are excited to engage this opportunity to move tenants to home owners so that the place they call home can be theirs as long as they wish into the future.

Hopeprint has three residential homes on Lilac Street, a office on the N Salina business corridor and the Karibu Community Garden on the Lodi Street business corridor. With these roots, embedded over the last decade, we look with great anticipation to what awaits our home neighborhood in the years ahead.